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Helping members maximize opportunities for success in a complex market 

Complex and dynamic challenges face pharmacies serving specialty patients, including the need to enrich their patient engagements and document improved outcomes while at the same time driving business efficiencies. For success in this demanding market, it’s vital to have access to solutions designed for your needs.

MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions provides a full range of commercial, clinical and software solutions, designed to support improved outcomes and sustain efficient and successful operations.

As a member, you receive expert support to:

  • navigate the complex specialty landscape
  • maximize opportunities for success through access to specialty contracts, clinical tools and information resources
  • effectively meet data collection and performance reporting requirements

Expert account management

Our regionally based account managers are dedicated to your market segment. Services offered include business reviews and analytics that enable you to extract maximum value from our diverse contract portfolio.

Member services designed for specialty care providers

Providing care to specialty patients is a significant investment including capital, human resources, time, and establishing relationships with a multitude of stakeholders.

We help our members navigate the detailed and complex expectations of those stakeholders. MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions provides members access to a custom compilation of information and tools. This includes robust pipeline and disease state information, advance notice of supply chain challenges, specialty product clinical education, as well as patient-assistance program resources and custom designed accreditation resources.

Putting market leading software to work for you

Our commitment to service is combined with a track record of developing innovative solutions, based on member feedback and our experience anticipating ‘what’s next’.

A key component is our innovative Clinical Therapy Management™ (CTM) patient management software application which can help pharmacies enhance their patient care and facilitates the collection of clinical and dispensing metrics required for specialty reporting.

Anticipating and addressing changes in market dynamics

As for anticipating the legislative, pharmacy payment models and clinical developments that might affect specialty providers - our Legislative Affairs, ACO Network and Clinical Services teams provide you with a range of updates, information and advocacy resources.


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