Clinical Therapy Management

Clinical Therapy Management


An innovative patient management software application to support the pharmacy’s optimum care for high touch patients and facilitate the collection of key metrics

Specialty and infusion pharmacies face a dynamic mix of demands, obligations and priorities: providing high quality patient care and supporting prescribed treatment regimens while maintaining a competitive cost structure.

Clinical Therapy Management™ (CTM) is an innovative patient management software application, developed by MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions to help you address these challenges. CTM puts easy-to-use software behind your firewall, and consolidates key patient management functions:

  • Clinical support pathways covering the full treatment cycle
    • Professionally peer reviewed scripting based on published guidelines for suggested patient dialogues
    • Dynamic decision trees that reflect the treatment responses you collect
    • A central view of all follow up and scheduling needs
    • Patient and provider educational resources aggregated in a one-stop specialty resource center
  • Central, easy reporting of clinical and dispensing metrics
    • One-push auto-generated reports for manufacturer reporting
    • Ad hoc reports with flexible parameter settings
  • Integration with select dispensing systems, to access real-time data

CTM covers key therapeutic areas requiring complex specialty pharmacy care including hepatitis C, immune globulin therapy, HIV, inflammatory conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis, plaque psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease), multiple sclerosis, select oncology regimens, bleeding disorders and a universal specialty module.

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