MHA Associate Testimonials

Director of Long Term Care Sales

I joined MHA as a Regional Account Representative right after graduating college. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Over my first three years here, I learned a lot about the business, got a great understanding of the value MHA provides to our members and customers. I also earned a great deal of respect for the amount of work that goes into operating a long term care (LTC) pharmacy. After three years, I was promoted to National Account Manager, which allowed me to further my career development with MHA. As a National Account Manager, I had the opportunity to become a trusted advisor to many of the owners and operators of these LTC pharmacies. Most recently, I accepted the position of Director of the LTC Sales Team.

My favorite part of working for MHA is the exceptional service and the extraordinary people that shape the culture of this organization. MHA has helped me grow to where I am today both personally and professionally.

Director, Trade Relations Contract Management

Shortly after graduating college, I joined MHA as a Personal Account Representative on our Long Term Care Sales Team. As a PAR, I worked closely with our members and learned a great deal about the industry. After two years in that role, I became a Contract Manager on our Trade Relations team where I negotiated and facilitated contracts with our pharmaceutical business partners, and was later promoted to Senior Contract Manager. Most recently, I accepted my current position as Director of Trade Relations Contract Management.

The knowledge and experience I’ve gained at MHA is unparalleled. Some of the best aspects of MHA are the people you get to work with every day and the company culture. From our annual softball game and company picnic, to our holiday decorating contests, MHA is always looking to bring value not only to our members and partners, but also to our associates. I am thankful to be a part of the MHA team, and for the opportunities and experiences it has provided me.

Senior Vendor Analyst

I started my career at MHA in 2006 as a Vendor Coordinator in the Membership Department. I had worked in customer service before, but it wasn’t until I joined MHA that I fully grasped what it meant to provide exceptional customer service. Working in this role allowed me to take my experience to new levels. I had the opportunity to work with several departments throughout the company, and I gained the feeling that I was making a difference by providing excellent service to our business partners.

I’m pleased that I’ve had the opportunity to prove myself as a dedicated employee by assisting my team members and participating in various projects. My hard work and dedication were recognized, and I was promoted to Senior Vendor Analyst in October of 2014. In my current role, I have been able to work with our critical accounts and continue to be a team player, which has always been most important to me. As I continue my career here at MHA, I can only see myself aiming for more opportunities and improvements, mainly because this is a company that allows you do so.