Long-Term Care Pharmacy

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Explore how you can benefit from these Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions:

Dedicated to enable your success 

Achieving success as a long-term care pharmacy requires a comprehensive range of solutions and insights to create efficiencies, improve revenue and drive out costs. Enabling the success of our members is our mission, and has been our mission from the start. This is why MHA was first to market with our long-term care pharmacy network. Our network remains the largest network of independent long-term care pharmacies in the country and is a core factor in securing access and optimum terms for our members. With 30 years serving our long-term care pharmacy members  and anticipating their needs, MHA is uniquely qualified to be your partner for success.

Our member retention rate is market leading.
Here’s why our members stay with us:

Group purchasing: Deep experience, flexible coverage to fit your needs

As the country’s largest alternate site group purchasing organization, MHA negotiates competitive contracts and favorable terms for our members. We continue to expand our portfolio of contracts to support member operations with a full line of branded and generic pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and business products and services.

Expert account management dedicated to your success

Our regionally based account managers are dedicated to your class of trade. Services offered include business reviews and analytics that enable you to extract maximum value from our diverse contract portfolio. By providing members regular business reviews and analytics, we focus on key performance indicators that help measure profitability and drive operational growth and efficiencies. Our sales team also draws on our Clinical Services and Legislative Affairs team to bring you a full complement of expert insights and relevant information.  

Putting technology to work for you

Our commitment to service is combined with a track record of developing and acquiring innovative solutions and software, based on member feedback and our extensive experience anticipating ‘what’s next’. From industry-leading reconciliation solutions and reimbursement services powered by Net-Rx, MHA can help you improve operational efficiencies and support growth. 

Anticipating and addressing changes in market dynamics

As for anticipating the legislative, pharmacy payment models and clinical developments that might affect your business – our Legislative Affairs team and Clinical Services team provides you with a range of updates, information and advocacy resources.


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