The MED Group Introduces MED Professional Services

June 15, 2018

LUBBOCK, Texas (Friday, June 15, 2018): The MED Group (MED), a Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) Company, is excited to announce the formal introduction of MED Professional Services, a parallel business offering to MED GPO Services.

2018 marks The Med Group’s 50th anniversary. A special milestone like this serves as an opportunity to not only look back on what the organization has accomplished, but also to reflect on MED’s impact on the HME/DME market and its providers.

MED recognizes the importance of regularly assessing market conditions and responding in ways that create value and continue to provide critical resources to our members and business partners. In keeping with this core philosophy, MED is pleased to announce the next generation of health care services: MED Professional Services.

MED Professional Services will operate as a professional services organization serving the complex rehab, sleep and home medical equipment markets. MED Professional Services will continue to offer a first-in-class payer network, credentialing services and clinical education, clinical network programs and marketing services. MED Professional Services will focus on and respond to members’ needs by offering additional services including consulting, outcomes-based programs and CEU opportunities.

Rhonda Hines, Division Vice President of the MED Group stated, “MED has always been an innovator and pioneer in the health care industry. When MED was first formed, we had four provider members. Now we have over 500 providers and are growing our footprint every year. These first fifty years have been an exciting time, and I’m looking forward to the next fifty.” 

MED’s steadfast dedication to its members remains strong, solid and unchanged. In fact, this commitment is the exact reason for the theme of MED’s 50th anniversary: Dedication. MED remains fully committed and determined to continue to deliver the exceptional service members and business partners have come to expect. 

“Since we acquired The MED Group in 2010, they have exceeded our expectations with their strong offerings and business and patient management solutions,” MHA President Mike Sicilian stated.

The MED Group is celebrating their anniversary with a two-day conference in San Antonio, TX. This includes CRCE and CEU education, networking, roundtables, over 30 business partner exhibits, panel discussions and a reception.

For more information about MED Professional Services or to attend the MED 50th anniversary celebration, please contact MED at (800) 825-5633.