Group Purchasing Pharmaceuticals

The largest alternate care group purchasing organization. Expert account management dedicated to your success 

For you to have the flexibility and information required to fuel effective purchasing decisions is critical to operational success

With group purchasing at the core of our diversified offerings, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA) negotiates with more than 600 manufacturers and suppliers to provide over 900 contracts covering 26 classes of trade for our 16,000+ members.

We work closely with all major pharmaceutical manufacturers to build a complete portfolio of contracts tailored to the needs of our members, including both branded and generic pharmaceuticals. 

Maximizing contract effectiveness

MHA is the largest alternate site group purchasing organization, offering a focused approach, based on class-of-trade specific services and support. Regionally based account managers focused on your class of trade are responsible to share data based analysis that enables you to extract maximum value from our contract portfolio. In addition, we closely monitor pricing accuracy and proactively identify further opportunities for you to recoup value from the contracts.

Bottom line: You are freed up to focus on delivering optimal patient care – instead of poring over purchasing data.


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