LTC Reimbursement Network

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As the first and largest Medicare Part D Network for independent LTC pharmacies, MHA is uniquely effective in delivering maximum value to our members through our multifaceted long-term care network:

LTC ReimbursementPartnership
Market-leading Value through Part D Partnerships
LTC ReimbursementPartnership
Consultative Field-based Engagement
LTC ReimbursementPartnership
Innovative Performance-based Solutions
LTC ReimbursementPartnership
Proactive Reimbursement Tools & Technology

The LTC Reimbursement Network offers multiple benefits:
– Industry-leading contracts with built-in reimbursement protections
– Deep industry and regional expertise offers forward-looking guidance to leverage trends and identify opportunities
– Diversified revenue streams through clinical activities and patient outcome performance programs
– Optimized reimbursement experience through advanced pharmacy data analytics

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